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One pair of utility pants that does it all





サイド ポケットとスマートフォン用のヒップ ポケットを備えたミニマルなデザインのこのショーツは、ランニングでも日中の散歩でも完璧なパートナーとなります。


  • ・Stretchability for ease of movement
    ・Loose-fitting silhouette
    ・Zippered side pockets and hip pockets for smartphones

    *Product dimensions may vary slightly due to fabric shrinkage and sewing.

  • 100% polyester (18% of which is derived from sugarcane).

  • ・If you wish to return or exchange an item, please contact us within 14 days of receipt.
    ・Free shipping on orders of $200 or more ( only “SMALL PACKET” ).
    ・Excluding duties and shipping


  • When machine washing please use a washing net.

    Do not tumble dry. After washing, give it a proper shake and shape to the shorts natural form.

    When ironing, set the iron to a low temperature and use a protective cloth.


Is it possible to achieve both ease of movement and a beautiful silhouette?

Active long pants for running and outdoor activities are useful.

However, their silhouettes are so sporty that you are often hesitant to use them in your daily life. We want to enjoy them after activities, like going into a cafe after a run or going straight to a restaurant off the mountain.

That is why we sought the best balance between ease of movement and a beautiful silhouette.Therefore, we sought the best balance between ease of movement and a beautiful silhouette.

After repeated testing, we found that it is the hem width that determines ease of movement.

To maintain a thinness that does not cling during exercise, the zipper makes it easy to put on and take off.

On the other hand, we designed the crotch to be thicker so that it would fit in well with everyday wear. This is how we created a silhouette that is relaxed yet easy to move in.

Combined with a fabric that has just the right amount of stretch despite the absence of spandex (polyurethane), I think we have created a pair that is both dynamic and static.


Minimal and functional pockets

Losing something in the mountains can be fatal. That's why we've added zippers to the side pockets. The hip pockets for smartphones that were popular in the shorts are also still there.

The vertically oriented zipper has a wide opening, so you will have no trouble getting in and out. The functionality is sufficient for outdoor use.

However, it is casual and minimalistic. That's why it will work well as everyday wear without any discomfort.



Sustainability Initiatives


It's no exaggeration to say that the history of sportswear has expanded to great proportions with spandex (polyurethane). Its unparalleled elasticity and lightness revolutionized sportswear, and it is now blended into most of today's functional clothing.

  • Stretch polyester derived from sugarcane

    ‘Sugarcane Shorts’ have a nice balance of elasticity, but no spandex! We try to avoid using spandex as much as possible, and whenever given the option we'll go with no spandex or less spandex.