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High-gauge knitwear knitted on precious machines


Wool knit from high quality New Zealand wool knitted on a full fashion machine.


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  • Made of NZ merino wool used for the SMOOTH WOOL T-SHIRT
    The count is reduced to 3/72 to match the knit, providing a softer feel.

  • 100% NZ merino wool

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    ・We accept items for return or exchange within 7 days from the date of purchase. Items must be kept in new condition.

  • Machine washable (dry mode and mild detergent recommended).
    Please store in a well-ventilated place to avoid humidity.
    Please wash or clean the garment in the off-season, and then store it in an airtight case with mothballs.


Fusion of Machine and Craftsman's Hand

The Sporty Sweater is knitted on a German company Scheller's "Full Fashion Machine", one of only a few in the world. This is a one-of-a-kind knitting machine that enables a tight and fine knit, resulting in a smooth, high-quality feel and a reliable kickback (elasticity). The machine knits the body, sleeves, and other parts of the garment in a formed state, so less yarn is wasted and the garment can be made three-dimensional in shape. The product is completed by linking these parts together by craftsmen using a technique known as linking, which is used to join each fine stitch. The fusion of the machine and the craftsman's hands results in a firm kickback that does not lose its shape, and a smooth fit.



The Sporty Sweater is made of the same New Zealand wool used for HERENESS' standard "SMOOTH WOOL T-SHIRT". This time, however, we used "3/72 yarn", which is made by twisting three ultra-fine 72 count yarns together to achieve a firmness suitable for sweaters. 3 twisted yarns can be expected to create a smooth roundness in the yarn, which leads to a comfortable feel against the skin. This leads to a comfortable fit.

Choose Sustainable Fabrics

  • Why non-mulesed merino wool?

    New Zealand has decided to ban mulesing (the process of removing skin from sheep buttocks), and the wool we use is 100% sourced from Merino sheep in New Zealand. We believe that wool is a gift from sheep, and we should not support any practices that result in their suffering. As a brand promoting the benefits of wool, we are committed to advocating for animal welfare.

  • non-mulesing merino wool