Obsession with Materials

If we can help even a few more people to know the sheer delight of movement in space, we’ve done our job.
Our path to athletic apparel flew in the face of conventional thinking that had become obsessed with function at the expense of the feel of the body, unfettered, in motion. That feeling that makes you want to move, and keep moving, again and again. The feeling of your body wrapped in HERENESS.
That’s the reason for our all-consuming focus on materials. At the center of it is humanely-raised and gently nurtured New Zealand merino wool, unmatched for its balance of incredible softness and natural functionality.
For the human-made fibers used to reinforce and support that functionality we’ve made every effort to source largely recycled materials that have been carefully selected for optimal compatibility with the natural textiles they’re paired with.
Some things will never change, but as material technology advances we’ll make it our business to be on top of wherever it takes us.