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Made from yarn of recycled polyester encased in fine wool. This tank top combines the quick-drying and durability of polyester with the feel of wool.

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  • ・滑らかな肌触り





  • NIKKE AXIO is a yarn made of recycled polyester filaments wrapped inside wool fibers.
    The fabric combines the deodorant function of wool with the quick-drying and fast-drying properties of polyester."

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  • ・machine-washable
    ・Do not tumble dry.
    ・Do not use chlorine bleach and oxygen bleach.

  • Wool with quick drying and durability.

    Wool has excellent natural thermal and odor control properties. This is due to the scaly "scale" structure on the surface of wool. On the other hand, polyester, a synthetic fiber, has quick-drying and durable properties that make it ideal for sports and outdoor activities. DRY WOOL TANK is a T-shirt that combines the advantages of wool and polyester. It absorbs sweat and dries quickly even during high-intensity exercise. The polyester filaments also increase robustness and enable longer use. In addition, the shoulder portion was designed to be thick enough to prevent the shoulder belt of a backpack from touching the skin for use in mountaineering and trail running.

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Yarns that do not sacrifice texture "NIKKE AXIO"

DRY WOOL TANK is not simply a blend of wool and polyester. NIKKE AXIO" is a special yarn made by twisting polyester filaments inside a bundle of wool fibers. In this way, the functionality of the polyester is contained, while the feel of the wool and the functionality of the wool fiber scales are maximized.

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  • L2

Sustainability Initiatives

NIKKE AXIO recycled polyester ver.

HERENESS had paid attention to the functionality of NIKKE AXIO before its launch and had been considering commercializing it. However, we gave up using NIKKE AXIO because only virgin polyester was available at that time. We continued to ask for the filament to be made of recycled polyester, and with the cooperation of NIKKE, we were finally able to use NIKKE AXIO with recycled materials. We plan to continue expanding our line of wool x recycled polyester products using NIKKE AXIO.

  • non-mulesing merino wool
  • The choice of non-mule merino wool

    Wool is a gift from sheep. If those sheep were suffering, would you be willing to accept that gift? The wool we use for our T-shirts and socks is all New Zealand merino wool. New Zealand has made a national decision to ban mulesing (the process of cutting off the buttocks of sheep). As a wool brand, we are committed to ongoing commitment to animal welfare issues.