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Perfect choice for relaxation


The CALM JOGGER is made from RENU®, a recycled polyester made from old clothing and fabric scraps that were destined for landfills.

Thanks to a special production method, the jacket is so light you might forget you are wearing it.

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  • ・Lightweight comfort
    ・Two-way stretch for easy movement
    ・Relaxed fit

  • 100% Polyester

  • ・We accept returns (exchanges) only if the delivered product is defective. We cannot cancel an order after it has been shipped, so please contact us at if you have any questions about the size or the items.

    ・Shipping fees vary depending on the country of delivery.

    ・Free shipping on orders over $300(in US dollars).

  • ・Leaving the zipper open may damage the garment. Please close the zipper when wearing, cleaning, and storing.
    ・Do not leave the garment wet or soak it for an extended period.
    ・Use a pressing cloth when ironing.



Comfort above all else

The bottom line for joggers is that they must be comfortable. Made from recycled polyester, the CALM JOGGER feels soft and the fabric's two-way stretch allows for freedom of movement. It is ultra lightweight so you might even forget you have it on. Our jogger features a relaxed fit and is wrinkle resistance.



Details that don't interfere with comfort

The CALM JOGGER's hip pocket is just the right size for your smartphone, keeping it from bouncing around when you are out for a relaxing jog.

It also features zipper side pockets so you don't have to worry about your keys or other small items slipping out. The ribbed cuffs are just the right width. Every detail has been considered to maximize comfort of these jogging pants.



  • L2

Choose Sustainable Fabrics

  • wool-T in the room
  • non-mulesing merino wool
  • Giving old clothing a second life

    It is estimated that around 100 billion pieces of clothing are produced every year, but only 20% of that is actually worn. The remaining 80% ends up in landfills. Unlike other recycled polyester (generally derived from PET plastic bottles), RENU®️ takes a circular economy approach and creates new material from recycled clothing and fabric scraps. The polyester produced by RENU®️ partner factories has the same quality as petroleum-derived polyester, and is more sustainable.

  • No more spandex

    It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say spandex, or polyurethane, has revolutionized sportswear with its outstanding stretch and lightweight properties. It can be found blended into most functional wear today. However, spandex production uses a lot of chemicals, making it an unsustainable fabric. It also deteriorates quickly, wiht a lifespan of only two to three years. The CALM JOGGER doesn't use any spandex but still provides sufficient stretch.