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These socks will befriend you, your feet and your shoes.



These socks are made of 100% merino wool and are comfortable to the touch. Socks are the important thing that stand between your feet and your shoes. With these, you'll feel as if your usual running shoes have been given a new lease of life.
  • ・Comfortable and fluffy.
    ・Low thermal conductivity, warm in winter and cool in summer.
    ・The instep is woven mesh to ensure breathability.
    ・Wool reduces body odors.

  • 77% Wool, 21% Nylon, 2% Polyurethane

  • ・If you wish to return or exchange an item, please contact us within 14 days of receipt.
    ・Free shipping on orders of $200 or more ( only “SMALL PACKET” ).
    ・Excluding duties and shipping


  • It is machine washable if you use a neutral detergent. Turn the socks inside-out when washing in order to maintain their texture. Do not wash dark-colored items together with light-colored items.


Socks that bring out all the benefits of wool

  • Wool functionality trusted by outdoor professionals

    Wool, despite being a natural material, has many excellent features. Mountaineers who are exposed to harsh natural environments are well aware of this, and wool socks are highly sought after. The wool's crimping, which allows more air to pass through, creates an insulating layer. This feature is what protects us from the cold of winter and the heat of summer.

  • Hygroscopic and anti-smell protection

    The "moisture absorption" of wool is remarkable. Wool absorbs up to 35% of the fabric's weight in moisture. It is said that the amount of sweat that a foot loses in a day is the equivalent of a glass of water. Fluffy socks help mop up the sweat while keeping you dry. Wool has the added benefit of protecting one against odors. There are many theories as to why this is so, but experience has shown that wool does not accumulate odor even after several days of wear.


Wool Socks for Runners


We took advantage of the properties of wool, which are perfect for socks, and added a special twist for runners. The sock’s sole has a moderate thickness to support cushioning for the landing, acting as a second midsole. In contrast, the instep portion is woven mesh, helping to enhance breathability during exercise. When you wear these Fluff Socks, you'll feel as if your usual running shoes have been given a new lease of life.


  • The Choice of Non-Mule Merino Wool

    Wool is a gift from sheep to humans. If the sheep who’s fleece we wear on our back were suffering, then the wool wouldn’t be a gift but rather a form of torture. Fortunately, all the wool we use in this t-shirt is New Zealand Merino wool. New Zealand has a national ban on mulesing (the process of cutting off the buttocks of sheep). The end result: happy sheep and happy runners. HERENESS will continue to address animal welfare issues on an ongoing basis.