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Slip on our FLUFFY WOOL SOCKS to elevate your running experience. Made from merino wool, they are ultra comfortable and will change the way your usual running shoes feel.

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  • ・Fluffy and comfortable
    ・Low thermal conductivity for warmth in winter and coolness in summer
    ・Breathability ensured by mesh weave on the instep

  • 77% merino wool, 21% nylon, 2% polyurethane

  • ・We accept returns (exchanges) only if the delivered product is defective. We cannot cancel an order after it has been shipped, so please contact us at if you have any questions about the size or the items.

    ・Shipping fees vary depending on the country of delivery.

    ・Free shipping on orders over $300(in US dollars).

  • ・Use neutral detergent if machine washing.
    ・Wash inside out
    ・Do not wash dark colors with light colors


Fluffy wool socks for comfort in every step

Outdoor adventurers swear by wool

Wool has many excellent properties, such as its natural ability to regulate temperature in all climates. Mountaineers, who are exposed to harsh environments, are big fans of wool socks as the crimp in sheel's wool traps air to create a insulating layer.

Moisture-wicking and odor-resistant

Wool can absorb up to 35% of its weight in moisture, which is highly useful for socks as your foot can produce a cup of sweat a day. Wool is also naturally odor-resistant, so you can wear the same pair of socks for several days before they need to be washed.

Designed for runners


It's pretty clear we think wool is pretty darn awesome. For our FLUFFY WOOL SOCKS, we added some additional details to tailor them for runners. The sole is moderately thick to provide a supporting cushion for landing, like a second midsole. The instep uses a mesh weave for enhanced ventilation. Wearing these socks will make your regular running shoes feel like new.

Choose Sustainable Fabrics

  • Why non-mulesed merino wool?

    New Zealand has decided to ban mulesing (the process of removing skin from sheep buttocks), and the wool we use is 100% sourced from Merino sheep in New Zealand. We believe that wool is a gift from sheep, and we should not support any practices that cause in their suffering. As a brand promoting the benefits of wool, we are committed to advocating for animal welfare.