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All-in-one pants for the outdoors, city, and office


Our SUGARCANE LONG PANTS are made of a comfortable polyester material derived from sugarcane. Equipped with zipper side and hip pockets, you can securely stow your belongings whether you are hitting the trails or going to work.

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  • ・Comfortable stretch
    ・Relaxed fit
    ・Made from sugarcane-derived polyester
    ・Zipper side and hip pockets for your smartphone, keys, and other belongings
    *Due to the nature of the material, there may be slight variations in product dimensions.

  • 100% composite material (polyester), of which 18% is derived from sugarcane

  • ・We accept returns (exchanges) only if the delivered product is defective. We cannot cancel an order after it has been shipped, so please contact us at if you have any questions about the size or the items.

    ・Shipping fees vary depending on the country of delivery.

    ・Free shipping on orders over $300(in US dollars).

  • ・Machine-wash using a mesh laundry bag.
    ・Do not tumble dry.
    ・Hang to dry after wash.
    ・For ironing, set the temperature to low heat and use a pressing cloth.
    ・Do not leave wet or soak for long periods of time.
    ・Do not use chlorine- or oxygen-based bleach.


One pair of pants for all occasions

Freedom of movement and style, all-in-one

After a run, you may want to grab a few drinks with friends or have a bite to eat. However, most long pants designed for outdoor activities simply look too sporty for daily wear. To enable you to flow seamlessly from mountains to city, we introduced the SUGARCANE LONG PANTS, providing the best balance between function and style.

  • L1

  • After repeated testing, we found that hem width is key to ease of movement. To maintain a slim fit that doesn't cling to your legs during exercise, these pants features zipper slits so they are easier to put on and take off. The crotch area is also designed to be wider so this product can also double as everyday wear. The material used does not contain spandex, but still provides moderate stretch for various types of activity.

Minimal and functional pockets

"Lost items in the mountains can be deadly. That's why we placed zippers on the side pockets. The hip pockets for smartphones that were popular in the shorts are also still there.
The vertically oriented zippers provide a wide opening, making it easy to get in and out. The functionality is sufficient for outdoor use.
But it is also casually minimalistic. So it can be used for everyday wear without any discomfort. 



Choose Sustainable Fabrics

No more spandex

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say spandex, or polyurethane, has revolutionized sportswear with its outstanding stretch and lightweight properties. It can be found blended into most functional wear today.

  • Sugarcane-derived stretch polyester

    The SUGAR CANE LONG PANTS have sufficient stretch without using spandex. For environmental reasons, we strive to develop products that use no or less spandex when possible.