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Trail pants born from fish nets


These jogger pants have a beautiful silhouette and can be used both in the mountains and in town. They are knitted from Econyl®︎, a nylon yarn recycled from fish nets.


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  • Jogger pants using nylon yarn (Econyl®︎) recycled from fish nets.

  • 71% Nylon (Econyl®︎),29% Polyurethane

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  • When using a washing machine, please put it in a net.
    After washing, please hang it up to dry.
    When ironing, use a cloth and do not iron the printed area.

  • Silhouette that balances mountain and city

    The reason why these pants can be worn for mountaineering, trail running, and city use without any discomfort is because we focused on the beauty of the silhouette.

    The fit is relaxed from the waist to the crotch and snug from the knees down, so it does not get in the way of running or other strenuous activities. The jogger pants have a just-fit silhouette, yet are not too tight, so you can relax and enjoy wearing them.

  • Attention to detail

    The characteristic of HERENESS pants, the perfectly positioned and sized pockets that do not shake your smartphone, are still in place. With the original spindles securely fastened at the waist, they will not slip down even when running. Special attention was paid to the ribbing at the hem. The width and fit of the ribs will give you a sense of comfort when you wear them.


Choose Sustainable Fabrics

90% less CO2 emissions than conventional nylon

  • L2

  • Developed by Italian manufacturer Aquafil, Econyl®︎ is 100% recycled nylon, with 50% coming from old fishing nets and 50% from waste generated by the garment industry. Compared to regular nylon, production of Econyl®︎ uses 60% less energy and emits 90% less CO2 by utilizing renewable energy. Even though it is a recycled material, the quality of the fabric is on par with conventional nylon.

    HERENESS directly licenses this next-generation material from Aquafil. The attached Econyl®︎ tag is a sign of trust, and the colorful designs come in various patterns, so you can look forward to seeing which design your tag arrives with.

Saving our oceans from plastic pollution

  • According to WWF, at least 8 million tons of plastic waste (equivalent to 50,000 jumbo jets in weight) are dumped in the oceans every year, adding to the eixisting 150 million tons of marine plastic pollution. Econyl®︎ not only reduces waste, but promotes reuse of resources. By using Econyl®︎, we are cutting plastic use throughout our supply chain and lessening the impact of our products on the environment.

  • L2