HERENESS Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of the holiday season with functional and warm HERENESS wool items.

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The year is almost over. It is the season to give gifts to friends, family, and loved ones as an opportunity to close out the year and express our daily gratitude. As the cold weather is in full swing, why not give an item that warms both the heart and the body?

HERENESS proposes items made of wool. We have selected items made of merino wool, which is both comfortable, warm, and functional, and which would make the perfect gift. Please take a look at them to help you choose the perfect gift for your loved ones.

A small but warm gift

How about wool accessories from HERENESS for a small gift? We picked up a beanie and socks made of merino wool. When conveying your thoughts, the feeling is the most important thing. I think you can put great feelings on little things. That special person in your life should be able to get over the cold this winter with a small item as an ally. Even a casual logo can be a firm marker for both parties.

A soft and warm beanie made of extra-fine, high-quality wool. It is also knitted in a way that gives it a beautiful silhouette when worn. The logo is embroidered in the same color thread so it is subtle and is recommended for everyday use as well as for winter running.

These socks are made of merino wool with a soft touch. Wool socks are a runner's best friend not only in winter, and the FLUFFY SOCKS (SHORT) have a little logo on the heel.

Natural wool for underwear that warms the body and soul

Wool is ideal for underwear because it retains heat, yet breathes on its own and remains breathable. Wool underwear is also useful when you cannot bring many changes of clothes, as it is odor resistant. Underwear made of synthetic fibers may cause dryness or feel prickly for those with sensitive skin. We recommend giving several combinations of practical underwear gifts that will solve such skin problems. Receiving a gentle reminder will warm both body and heart.

These boxer shorts are made of ultra-fine merino wool in a highly elastic milled knit, so they do not constrict the lower half of the body and are stress-free and soft to the touch.

This merino wool tank top is made of ultra-fine merino wool yarn and has a soft, form-fitting milled knit that can be used for a variety of sports. It also works well as a body-warming inner layer, so you can have as many as you like.


SMOOTH WOOL TIGHTS(UNISEX) These tights combine high-quality wool with stretchy polyester [Solotex®] to create a functional and comfortable warmth. These tights can be worn as inner pants for winter mountaineering, or tucked under everyday clothes to enjoy winter fashion to the fullest.

HERENESS' classic item, the "SMOOTH WOOL T-SHIRT," is of course a great gift idea. This jersey-knit T-shirt is made with ultra-fine yarn and has a silky feel. Please feel the pleasant sensation on your bare skin.

Fine wool wear for that special someone

We have carefully selected HERENESS' high-quality wool garments to warm up that special someone this winter. All items are suitable for both active and everyday use, so if only you have this! It is sure to be the one you will wear. It is also a good idea to select an item that the recipient would not normally choose. Perhaps the most enjoyable time is when you imagine the smiles on their faces as you prepare for the gift.

THE SPORTY SWEATER High quality New Zealand wool is knitted on a full fashion machine in this high gauge knit. The fine, dense knitting technique leads to a smooth feel and elegant appearance. You can also enjoy coordinating different colors for a matching look.

This natural shell jacket made of high-density woven wool fabric has the warmth and moisture-wicking properties of wool to keep you warm and dry. The drawcord at the hem can be tightened to adjust the silhouette to your preference.

This fleece jacket is made of New Zealand merino wool for the wool portion. It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, and you can enjoy the warm and gentle texture of the wool.

This hoodie is knitted from a combination of high-quality wool and recycled polyester RENU®︎ yarns. The unique uneven structure keeps air in for warmth while also ensuring breathability. The runnable wool knit is designed for everyday use as a high neck sweater without a hood.

This outdoor shirt combines the heat-regulating and odor-absorbing functions of wool with the quick-drying and durable properties of polyester. This item is also recommended for women because of its loose yet comfortable silhouette that allows you to comfortably carry a sack on your back.

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