What kind of ideas are used to create the products of HERENESS? This is a series of "THIS IS HOW WE CREATE" in which we share with you what kind of ideas HERENESS has for its products and how they come to be. In this first installment, we present SIX INCH, a modified version of the classic SUGARCANE SHORTS, in a virtual Q&A session!

Q.What prompted you to create the new SIX INCH while you are already selling SUGARCANE SHORTS?

SUGARCANE SHORTS, which have been sold since the launch of the brand, were items for a balanced experience between running and lifestyle.

It has become a standard item for HERENESS because of the support it has received, but we have also received feedback that "we would like to have a shorter length item that is more specialized for running.

In fact, one of our staff members is a man who wears the large women's size when he runs faster or with a higher load, and it works out great for him. So we decided to make a men's version in a shorter length! That's how it all started.

Most running shorts are available in increments of 3, 5, and 7 inches, so we dared to aim for something in between, 6 inches.   Q.Are there any other differences from SUGARCANE SHORTS besides the length?

The SUGARCANE SHORTS have a looser silhouette overall, while the SIX INCH has a slightly narrower silhouette outside of the waist, especially in the crotch and hem width.

Q.It also has a slit.

Since we made the hem width narrower, we added a small slit to prevent snagging when some people lift their legs.

We also made a sample with a deeper slit, but it gave a different look, so we decided to keep the length as minimal as possible.

Originally, this sugarcane-derived fabric also has elasticity, so you may feel it more in this SIX INCH. Q.The back pocket is the same as the conventional one?

We received many positive comments about the smartphone-sized waist pocket, so we have adopted the same size for SIX INCH.

As for the sides, we have shifted them to a slightly more forward position through pattern modification. I wonder if some of you have noticed. Comparing things, I feel like, "If you say so, it's true.

Q.Were there any difficulties in the development process?

Even though this is a different type of SUGARCANE SHORTS, we made several samples as a result.

The main goal was to shorten the inseam, but we did not want to make any major changes from the existing comfort level, so it took longer than expected.

Unlike developing a new product from scratch, the fabric was already decided and I thought it would be a brush-up of a product I had already made, but in the end, I put as much effort into it as I would have for a new product project.

Q.Who would you like to wear it and for what occasions?

Everyone has their own preference for shorts sizing, so if you like shorts that are shorter, you will like them. Even if you already have SUGARCANE SHORTS, we want you to use them for slightly harder runs and races. Of course, we also make it possible to wear them for everyday use outside of running.

We would like to keep upgrading our standard products, not only shorts, in the future. We are planning to add more color variations as well as functions, so we hope you can look forward to them.