What kind of ideas are used to create the products of HERENESS? In this series, we will share with you how our products are created. In this second installment, we will introduce a new addition to our product lineup, SOFT WOOL BOXER, a wool underwear. We will send you a virtual Q&A session!

Q.What was the inspiration for the development of SOFT WOOL BOXER, HERENESS' first underwear?

We believe that products that touch the skin are the best way to feel the goodness of wool. We have been gradually making wool products such as T-shirts, tights, and socks, and now finally underwear. We have been receiving requests from our users to make underwear, so we are finally ready to release them.

We are often asked, "Don't HERENESS shorts (SUGARCANE SHORTS) come with inner pants?" In fact, from the very beginning, we had in mind that these shorts would be used in combination with our SOFT WOOL BOXER. So, we would like you to use it with shorts.

This time, we only offer men's underwear, but eventually we would like to make women's underwear as well.

Q.First, let's talk about the materials. Why did you choose to use a blend of recycled polyester instead of 100% wool?

The primary reason was durability. Underwear is usually worn for long periods of time, so it is important that they are durable. Stretchability is also important for boxer shorts that fit snugly to the body, so we used wool and recycled polyester yarns, which fulfill both of these requirements.

The ratio is 53% wool and 47% recycled polyester. The functionality and durability of polyester is demonstrated while also maintaining the texture of wool. With 100% wool, it would retain water in scenes where you sweat profusely, but the mixture has the advantage of being quick-drying and less likely to become damp.

And the most important point is the use of NIKKE AXIO, which is made of non-mulching wool and recycled polyester; for HERENESS, this material has been long awaited.

Q.The long-awaited, recycled polyester NIKKE AXIO ?

To briefly explain the construction of NIKKE AXIO, you can think of it as a yarn with a polyester thread wrapped around a wool core yarn. It is a very functional and good material, but the polyester used was derived from petroleum, and HERENESS did not want to use it unless it was recycled polyester. We couldn't compromise on that. Finally, NIKKE AXIO, which is made from recycled polyester, was recently developed, and we decided to use it.

There is almost no difference in feel and appearance between "virgin" and "recycled" polyester. Even so, we still want to stick to recycled materials, so it is HERENESS' policy to use such materials even if the cost goes up.

Q.You mean a material that is functional and also has a low environmental impact. Are there any other special requirements for fabrics?

After deciding on the yarn, we next considered the knitting fabric of the material. Jersey knitting feels good against the skin, but we felt that its elasticity is a little weak, so we adopted milled knitting, which is often used for the ribbed parts of T-shirts. It stretches well and follows various movements seamlessly.

If you already know the quality and functionality of wool underwear, we would like you to experience the softness of milled knitting.

Q.What were the key points you focused on in the design and pattern?

Since most boxer shorts have a snug, short inseam, the SOFT WOOL BOXER has a slightly longer inseam.

We were particular about the elastic waistband. The elastic waistband of SOFT WOOL BOXER is wrapped in fabric so that it does not feel stressful against the skin.

Q.Who would you like to wear it and for what occasions?

It is recommended to wear it when mountain climbing. When you cannot change your underwear frequently or want to reduce your luggage to a minimum, such as on a traverse. The anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties of wool will allow you to wear them for 2 to 3 days without discomfort. It is also good for traveling, and of course, for everyday use, too, as they are worn all day long, so their comfort is important. Anyway, they are stress-free and you will want to wear them all the time.