THE SPORTY SWEATER was created by rare knitting machines and craftsmanship.

It is the result of a trinity of delicate yarns, knitting machines unique in Japan, and the skills of our craftsmen.

  • Photograph:HERENESS

Wool is the first material that comes to the forefront of HERENESS' product lineup. This is because wool is a natural material with temperature and humidity control functions that surpass those of synthetic fibers. And if high-quality yarns are selected and carefully knitted, high-quality comfort can be realized.

In planning the "Freedom Sweater," it was immediately decided to use New Zealand wool, a material we trust. The smoothness of the wool had already been proven in the "SMOOTH WOOL T-SHIRT. However, for the "Freedom Sweater," we used "3/72 ," which is made by twisting three ultra-fine 72 count yarns together to achieve a firmness suitable for sweaters. The three twisted yarns are expected to produce a smooth rounded effect, which leads to a comfortable feel against the skin.

And the company we asked to do the important knitting part was Daiichi Knit Marketing, which boasts a history of more than 70 years in Mitsuke, Niigata Prefecture, a center of knitwear production in Japan. Amid the ongoing hollowing out of Japan's manufacturing industry, this company is committed to high-gauge knitwear and continues to support domestic knit production technology with strategic capital investment and technological capabilities.

In particular, the company's knitting machines, called "full fashion machines," manufactured by Scheller of Germany, were selected for this project. It is a one-of-a-kind knitting machine that can produce fine, tight knitting, resulting in a smooth, high quality feel and a reliable kickback (elasticity). It is a very valuable machine, and is only found at Daiichi Knit Marketing in Japan.

Full-fashion machines produce beautiful high-gauge knits, but on the other hand, they are very time-consuming to set up and maintain. Adjusting the fine needles, which may or may not be visible, is a skilled skill of craftsmen.

In addition, rib parts knitted on a different machine are used for the collar neck and cuffs, but connecting them to the main body knitted on a "full fashion machine" is done by hand. Connecting the fine knitting of approximately 1 mm in each stitch is a meticulous process.

Freedom Sweater was born from the fusion of these precious machines and skilled human hands. We hope you will enjoy the firm kickback and smooth comfort that keeps its shape.

Freedom Sweater