<HERENESS Development Story> In the Long Pants Category

What kind of ideas are used to create the products of HERENESS? In this series of "This is How We Create," we will share with you how it is done. In this third installment, we introduce the long pants category at a glance. Currently, HERENESS has four types of long pants in our lineup. The thoughts and commitment we put into each of them are summarized on this page!

1.〈SUGARCANE LONG PANTS〉 Motion and Stillness A bottle that covers it all
2.〈CALM JOGGER〉 Maximize relaxation
3.〈Econyl®︎ TRAIL JOGGER〉Mountain pants born from fish nets
4.〈UNDERCURRENT PANTS〉Formal and active. 


While sharing the same concept with the shorts-type <SUGARCANE SHORTS>, the dimensions and patterns of each were reviewed and attention was paid to detail. These long pants, which seamlessly combine active scenes and lifestyle, have become a standard item for HERENESS.


Q.What kind of situation is it suitable for?

These are the most utilitarian full-length pants for running, outdoor activities, and the office. The idea was inspired by the idea that we want people to enjoy themselves after their activities, such as going into a cafe after running, or going straight to a restaurant after coming off the mountain. They are both easy to move in and look smart, so you can wear them for all kinds of occasions.

Q.What materials do you use for fabrics?

Made of polyester derived from sugarcane. While it is a sustainable fiber derived from plants, it is fully functional. It stretches well with large movements. Even without the use of spandex, which has a high environmental impact, it has a supple feel and elasticity, and the staff themselves have experienced its functionality on their road bike commute to the office.

Q.What are the key points of the design?

The hip and waist areas are loose, while the legs taper (taper gradually) from the knees to the ankles. The hem width, which determines the ease of movement, was tested repeatedly until we reached the perfect narrowness that does not cling to the skin during exercise. The zipper at the foot was necessary to achieve a beautiful silhouette while still being functional. The wide frontage pockets with zippers were also created with specific situations in mind.
We have received a lot of positive feedback on the hip pocket that can hold a smartphone. This pocket is designed for outdoor use, but also for everyday use because of its unassertive and casual design.



The most important element required for jogger pants is that they are relaxing. As HERENESS claims to be comfortable, these long pants express that relaxed feeling to the maximum.

Q. What kind of occasions are they suitable for?

I created these long pants with the image of long pants that you can wear in your room clothes and still go out for a run at your leisure. I want people to enjoy running 5 to 10 km in the lightweight, soft, and comfortable "CALM JOGGER. We also hope you will coordinate them with the "CALM JACKET," which can also be worn as a set-up.

Q.What materials do you use for fabrics?

We use recycled polyester "RENU®", which is made from clothing that would have been discarded and leftover fabric and scraps generated in the manufacturing process. The recycling of fiber to fiber that was originally clothing can maintain more stable quality than conventional recycled fiber. We sympathize with the new cycle of manufacturing, consumption, and reuse, which rotates in a closed loop, and we think it is important to further expand the technology by actively adopting this method.

In addition, the cardboard knit structure allows air between the fabrics for warmth. It is also lighter than it looks. Please experience this during running in the cold season.

Q.What are the key points of the design?

To make the most of the lightweight material, attention has been paid to detail. The side pockets with zippers and the hip pockets have been carefully sized and positioned to prevent smartphones from swinging around inside. The embroidered logo is another secret point.

The hem is gathered to create a loose silhouette with a beautiful drape. The idea of jogger pants for running is positively reflected not only in the comfort but also in the relaxed appearance. We hope you will incorporate them into your daily fashion.




We focused on the beauty of the silhouette so that you can wear them without discomfort whether you are climbing a mountain, trail running, or in town. Straightforward, we responded to the need for long pants for running.

Q.What kind of situation is it suitable for?

We encourage those who have shorts and tights but are looking for long pants for trail running to give these a try. We have taken the basic elements you are looking for in a running pant and created a pair that is just right.

Q. What kind of materials do you use for fabrics?

It is made of recycled nylon called "Econyl®︎" developed by Aquafil, an Italian material manufacturer. The raw material is 100% waste, of which 50% is used waste such as fish nets and 50% is waste from apparel factories. Compared to regular nylon, this new material reduces energy consumption during production by 60%, and because it uses natural energy, CO2 emissions are also reduced by 90%. We use this material under direct license with Aquafil, in sympathy with their efforts to address the serious problem of marine pollution.

Q.What are the key points of the design?

It fits loosely from the waist to the crotch and snugly from the knees down, so it does not get in the way of running or other strenuous activities. The ribbing at the hem is carefully selected for width and fit. The pants have a smart phone pocket, a feature of HERENESS pants, of course. The zippered pocket eliminates the risk of dropping something on the mountain. The recycled fishnet nylon yarn is durable and stretchy, perfect for the trail scene. The clean design makes it comfortable for everyday use.



The texture of this item is like a natural material. Made of recycled polyester, this is HERENESS' first lifestyle-focused item. We have developed daily wear by utilizing our expertise in achieving comfort.

Q.What kind of situation is it suitable for?

It is positioned as workwear to make "working time," which occupies a long time in a day, comfortable. These two-tuck pants have a gentle silhouette and can be worn both formally and casually. The elegant wrinkle finish makes them easy to care for. Recommended for business trips and travel.

Q.What materials do you use for fabrics?

62% of the fabric is made of recycled polyester. The remaining 38% of composite fibers are made from plant-derived materials, which we came across in our constant search for materials that match HERENESS' policy. The "UNDERCURRENT PANTS" were created with the strong desire to take advantage of the characteristics of the material and incorporate them into an optimal item. The light and airy feel of the natural material was a perfect fit for the kind of workwear we are aiming for.

Q.What are the key points of the design?

The ideal wide silhouette is tucked in for ease of movement. A drawcord at the hem allows you to tighten the hem. Adjust the hem depending on the shoes you wear. The drawcord sits neatly inside the hem without interfering with the silhouette of the hem. The hip pockets are positioned slightly high and can easily hold a smart phone.

The balance between casual and moderately neat is good, and we are happy to see people with various jobs wearing the "UNDERCURRENT JACKET" as a set-up. The simple design allows women to enjoy wearing it in different ways, so we hope they will choose it as well.



We have presented side by side the items we have been selling since the launch of the brand and the newly added items. We hope you will check the characteristics of each item and use them as a reference for your shopping.

(*Model height: 173cm, all wearing size M in the images)