A guide to wearing HERENESS T-SHIRT

There are currently four types of HERENESS T-SHIRT. The characteristics of each fabric and its suitability for different scenes are explained.

HERENESS, which started with the SMOOTH WOOL T-SHIRT, will now offer four T-SHIRT models alone, including a new item to be released in July.

Each T-SHIRT is made from sustainable and functional materials, and is the result of a detailed adjustment process. If you have a chance to hold a T-Shirt in your hands, you will be able to feel the clear difference in the fabrics, but many of you may be confused about what to look for online.

With the hope that you will choose and wear a T-SHIRT that fits your activity style and usage scenarios, we would like to provide you with a recommended way of separating the different types of garments.

■ Almighty peace of mind

This is a standard product that can be called the starting point of HERENESS. It can be worn all year round and is all-purpose. It is a long-seller that boasts strong popularity from the brand's early days to the present.

This T-Shirt started from the idea of "making the best wool T-shirt for running" and once you wear it, you will be addicted to its comfort. It can be worn for everyday road running, trail running, everyday wear, or even for races.

And the anti-odor and heat-retaining functionality that wool inherently possesses also covers areas such as light mountaineering. We recommend it for those who want to start with one piece of clothing. And with 11 color variations, there are plenty of colors to choose from, so you can get a second or third ..... The second and third items are also available in a variety of colors.

More detailed fabric description】
This item is made of 100% merino wool knitted in jersey using 17.5 micron ultrafine yarn. Wool's moisture absorption and desorption properties regulate the runner's body temperature, providing comfort even in active situations. The wool used as raw material is selected from non-mulesing wool from New Zealand.

Recommendation by scene
Dairy ⚪︎
Road Running◎
Trail Running◎

■ From everyday wear to light running

The COTTON×SILK T-SHIRT is a blend of organic cotton and silk, developed after wool, and is recommended for people whose lifestyles move seamlessly between daily life and active scenes.

Wear it as street clothes at home or at work, and go for a light run on the road in the neighborhood. For such users, this COTTON x SILK T-SHIRT is the right choice. The natural materials of cotton and silk give it a pleasant feel on the skin, and it is light enough to be used as active wear as well.

However, highly hygroscopic cotton absorbs perspiration without hesitation, but it also tends to be somewhat difficult to dry. This T-shirt is the lightest of the HERENESS T-SHIRT series and is designed for running.

【More detailed fabric description】

This is a blend of 80% cotton and 20% silk, knitted thinly by jersey knitting. The comfort of cotton, which is different from wool, and the smoothness of silk are well-balanced. The fabric is made of GOTS-certified organic cotton from India.

GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a global certification standard that certifies that environmental and social considerations are taken into account not only in the production of textile materials but also in processing, manufacturing, and distribution. We not only use organic cotton as raw material, but also use GOTS certified fabrics in the manufacturing process.

Recommendation by scene
Daily ◎
Road Running⚪︎
Trail running △
Hiking x

■ Stress-free running, light cotton

This ultra-thin T-Shirt was created as a result of our continuous focus on running with cotton, and is favored by runners for its lightweight, lightweight, and comfortable feel.

One of the disadvantages of cotton is that it retains sweat that has been absorbed, making it difficult to dry (especially during high-intensity exercise or running, which involves a lot of perspiration).

The AIRLY COTTON T-SHIRT, on the other hand, is made of a thinner fabric with no synthetic fibers blended in, resulting in quick-drying properties. Of special note is its surprisingly light weight of only 85g (size M). For those who don't like the feel of synthetic fibers but want to run comfortably without worrying about stickiness or discomfort caused by perspiration. It is sure to be a big hit, especially in the summer.

On the other hand, it is thin and transparent, so layering is recommended when wearing it as daily wear. For mountaineering, day hikes and trail running, where there is no possibility of sweat cooling, are the best use scenarios.
The high moisture absorbency and soft texture are made possible by the cotton. Try it for a new experience of comfort as it absorbs sweat and dries quickly as you run and catch the wind.

【More detailed fabric description】
Made of GOTS-certified organic cotton from India, the fabric is knitted with 60 count ultra-fine yarn, making it overwhelmingly thin and lightweight, and achieving quick-drying properties despite being cotton. The pursuit of thinness has caused the fabric to twist in one direction, a phenomenon known as "skewing. However, AIRLY COTTON T-SHIRT is sewn and manufactured as it is in order to pursue the thinness of the fabric.

Recommendation by scene
Daily ⚪︎
Road running ◎
Trail Running △

■ より登山に適した仕様へと進化

The DRY WOOL T-SHIRT released in July is an updated version of the SMOOTH WOOL T-SHIRT that was created based on your feedback. This model is even more specialized for the mountain scene.

The first T-SHIRT (SMOOTH WOOL T-SHIRT), made of 100% wool, is also highly functional and all-purpose. However, some people who spend long hours in the mountains in a more serious way say that they want to improve the functionality of their mountain wear. Those who prefer the comfort of wool fabrics also expressed their desire for a thicker fabric for daily wear. We met this demand by blending recycled polyester.

The fabric became slightly thicker, more durable, and quicker drying, resulting in a wool T-shirt that is ideal for mountaineering. The T-SHIRT is made of wool, which is the most suitable material for the T-shirt.

【More detailed fabric description】
Non-mulesing wool is 53% blended with 47% recycled polyester.

Recommendation by scene

Daily ◎
Road running⚪︎
Trail Running⚪︎
Hiking ◎