Motoasakusa Area Map

Here are some of the most attractive spots near the HERENESS Store.

  • Photograph:HERENESS

It has been a little over a year since HERENESS moved into a building in Motoasakusa, Taito-ku. It was a bold decision to move to East Tokyo from our original office in Shibuya, but we are now captivated by the excitement of this city.

We enjoy commuting to work and having lunch, but when we out running around the city, the scenery and stores we see are so interesting that we tend to stop and take a look. Some of the customers who visit the HERENESS store also run before or after work, so we recommend "my favorite places within running distance of the store" to them. I hope that the map will help us to communicate with each other and recommend our favorite places within running distance of the store.

Community map created with you

Motoasakusa, including the Asakusa area, is a place where Japanese culture and traditions remain. We have created this area map with the hope of introducing the charm of Asakusa to visitors to the HERENESS store.


We would like to create this map together with everyone who comes to visit the HERENESS store. Please let our staff know your favorite places in the area. We plan to operate the map in such a way that you can put pins on the map and keep updating and sharing that information. If you scan the QR code in the lower right corner, the system will work with GoogleMap to display the spots.

The map was illustrated by illustrator Adrian Hogan. He has recently gotten into yoga and has been a resident of East Tokyo for several years and enjoys the local festivals.

Speaking of HERENESS' neighbors, NOMURA SHOTEN, which always cooperates with us in our group run events, is located in the same neighborhood as HERENESS.
NOMURA SHOTEN, which always cooperates with us in our group run events. Maple pizza, a pizza stand that opened coincidentally around the same time HERENESS moved to this area, is also within a 10-minute walk. Runners will be happy to know that there are also a number of public bathhouses (we recommend Sanjikuyu). After working up a sweat, you can take a hot bath and refresh yourself.

A short distance away, Ueno and Okachimachi stations are also conveniently close by. The riverside of the Sumida River, which flows to the east, is a favorite running course for HERENESS staff. Enjoy the atmosphere of each town as you run or walk, whether it is the area around Sensoji Temple, which is bustling with tourists from home and abroad, or the Kuramae area, where cozy cafes and small stores are tucked away in the alleys.

About our store

For a long time, HERENESS has only been selling its products online and through pop-up stores, so we have had limited opportunities to interact with our customers. Now that we have a permanent store, we are delighted to be able to talk with our customers about various topics, not to mention having them hold our items directly in their hands and feel their texture and comfort. We want to hear about your favorite activities, your local area, product feedback and requests, and other real voices.

Please feel free to visit the HERENESS store.

Business day:Every Wednesday to Saturday (Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Sunday)

Business hours: 11:00-17:00

Acess:3-20-12 Motoasakusa,Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0041